Good to Know...

Lake Forest Townhomes is a planned and governed community zoned by the city for single-family residents.  Please refer to the CC&R's for more details.

  • PARKING... Street parking is reserved for short term visitors (residents to use garage, driveway or outside Willow Lake Loop).  It is strictly forbidden when snow removal is anticipated.  Vehicles parked against regulations may be towed at owner expense and reclaimed at Superior Towing, at 208-773-7237   
    Vehicles parked blocking driveways, in Fire Lane, on sidewalks or other common non-street areas, and very importantly, during times that snow removal is anticipated, may be towed at owner's expense, with no further notice.
  • GARBAGE Pickup... Wednesdays at about 6:30 am.  All cans may be put out the evening before and are to be brought back out of public view (garage), by the end of Wednesdays.
  • WEEDING/SHRUBS... Backyard weeding and shrub trimming is CC&R required and the responsibility of the homeowner/resident.  
  • ANNUAL MEETING... For owners, usually in October.  Check the calendar for dates.
  • ARCHITECTURAL... Approval for architectural repairs, changes or upgrades are cleared by the Board through a request to HOA Administration management company.
  • PAINT/SIDING... Painting and siding is to be in good repair and match existing standards.  Deviation will be cause for curative measures by the association with all cost assigned to the unit owner. Compatible siding can be obtained through a James Hardy Siding distributor.  It is 8" Colonial Roughsewn.
  • PAINT CODES... Compatible and matching paint can be purchased through Miller Paint, under the following codes:  Powdering Snow (white) Miller paint 8700W ; Crisp Khaki  (Tan) Miller paint 8233M ; Flat sheen
  • ROOFING... Shingles are to match existing shingles in design, color and pattern. Only bonded and professional roofers may do roof repair or replacement.  Excess moss is to be removed to prevent damage to units.
  • Other Important Links...
-HOA Administration -
-Electricity and Gas - Avista:
-Cable and Internet - Spectrum
-Water and Garbage - City of CDA
    +Waste Management (Recycle/Garbage Contractor) 
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