Owner/HOA Responsibilities

Below is a brief though incomplete table of the more common responsibilities for the unit owners and the HOA.  For complete awareness, please refer to the CC&R's.
Your Board is committed to make Lake Forest Townhomes a great place to live and enjoy, and to preserve the value of the homes and neighborhood.  We accomplish this through management of the common areas, enforcement of rules and covenants and responsible stewardship of resources.

Owner Responsibilities HOA Responsibilities
Maintain required insurance on unit Mow, prune and weed front and side yards.  Common area tree and shrub pruning.
Tenancy is single family, adherent to the CCR's and not a disruptive influence to the neighborhood, or maintaining any nuisance  Remove snow from Willow Lake Loop and front sidewalks.  As a courtesy, HOA will remove snow from driveways and walkways when not blocked.  If blocked, then homeowner will assume responsibility for snow removal asap
Maintain the integrity and upkeep of interiors Care and maintenance of common areas, to include green spaces and swales
Maintain Paint, Siding and Roofing as well as patios and balconies Gutter and window cleaning as budgetted
Keep exterior debris-free and well kept with no hazards Lamp posts, mailboxes
Weed, maintain shrubbery, bark or rock ground material and keep clean and nuisance-free backyards Sprinkler turn on,maintenance and winterize
Keep garbage and recycling cans out of view (garage)  
Ensure adherence to parking regulations